Treating all forms of food weight and body image concerns;

Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Compulsive Overeating, Exercise Addition, Orthorexia, Selective and Restricitve Eating Disorder

Serving the Northern California Central Coast area: Santa Cruz, Soquel, Capitola, Aptos, Bonny Doon, Ben Lomond, Felton, Watsonville, Monterey, Salinas

Nourish and Heal!

Now Enrolling for a Unique 10-Week Small Group Experience

for Folks Troubled by Overeating

Do you struggle with overeating?
Join us for a unique group and workshop, launching Fall 2019.
Drawing from our combined 50+ years of clinical expertise, Amy, Kat and I have created a deep, rich and fun group healing experience.

You will learn the best strategies...

...from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Motivational Interviewing, Positive Psychology, Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size and The Body Positive.

Curriculum Details

Therapists Amy and Diana will co-lead the groups and dietitian Kat will join for one group and the workshop. Now enrolling two small groups with 6 participants each.

The First Weeks...

...will be aimed around self-discovery. You will be encouraged to discover what type of eater you are, which factors are driving your overeating, and what values and motivations are driving your desire for change (OTHER than weight loss!)

Factors that may drive overeating are deprivation, emotions, habits, neurochemistry and/or metabolic syndrome. You may be surprised to learn about importance of managing the balance between insulin and glucagon. Even so, all foods fit and can be embraced with pleasure! 

The Middle Weeks... will be encouraged to draw from the concepts learned and discover what works best for you, at your stage of change and with your lifestyle.  You will learn how to set small attainable goals.  We will also focus on skills development and ways to understand and regulate emotions.  

Sprinkled Throughout...
...and increasing more toward the end, you will have opportunities for mindfulness, guided meditation, potlucks, mindful eating, gentle joyful movement, and re-imagining the relationship with your body. 

Workshop in the Country...
...on the last week be mostly experiential and celebratory. It will include a cooking class, yoga, authentic movement, and a guided visionary experience of the future! Both small groups will join together for this special day.

Who is this group for?

This group should be ideal for folks in the preparation and action stages of change. Not appropriate for anyone with active bulimia. Folks that are new to recovery, as well as folks who have been in many treatment programs already will learn and benefit.


Scheduling Flexibility

We envision this as one larger support group divided between two small  "home groups." Both "home groups" will come together for the celebratory final workshop. With notice members are able to move between the Thursday and Saturday groups.

Logistical Details

$675 for 20 hours of group therapy and workshop experience  

Insurance may pay a portion of the cost. Payment plans available. 

A deposit is required to hold your spot.

Group 1 
Held at The Cottage Counseling Center in Santa Cruz, Thursdays
 1 pm to 2:30 pm Sept 19th through November 14th, 2019

Group 2
Held at Diana’s office in Aromas, Saturdays from 10:30 am to noon,
September 21st through November 16th, 2019

Workshop for Both Groups
Held at Diana's farmstead in Aromas,
Saturday, November 23rd  from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm 

Save Your Space Now!

 Feel free to reach out to any of us with questions.

Diana 831 427 9028 dianaelwyn@gmail
Amy 408 890 7952
Kat  650 796 1505 

Who is Leading this Group Experience?

Diana Elwyn, LMFT

Pronouns: She/Her

Diana has dedicated her career to helping folks heal from food and body image concerns. She will bring her 25+ years of clinical experience and advanced training in evidence based psychotherapies. Participants will also benefit from her life-long meditations on the role of food in happiness and her professional culinary training! 
Amy Rossetti, LCPC
LCPC 180008843-IL
(408) 890-7852
Amy has been in the mental health field more than a decade working in many different community mental health settings. She will bring her experience running hundreds of therapeutic and educational groups, as well as her sense of humor and compassion. Areas of advanced training and interest include: depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and overeating. She is a Chicago transplant opening a private practice at the Cottage Counseling Center in Santa Cruz.

Kat Brown, MS RD RYT
CDR 968860
(650) 796-1505
Pronouns: She/Her
Kat is a Masters level Registered Dietitian and a Registered Yoga Teacher. She will bring her expertise in nutrition to help group members shift long-held beliefs about food. Since 2005 she has specialized in helping people heal their relationship with food and body through an Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size approach, and finds that yoga can be an excellent modality for learning to rebuild trust in the body. Kat will be moving her Santa Cruz private practice to The Cottage Counseling Center starting August 2109.